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View multimedia content stored in your PC on PS3 or XBOX360




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If you own a PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360 and you are still wondering how to play those videos you have stored in your PC on your new generation console, this application can be really helpful.

PS3 MEdia Server acts as a multimedia server for your PS3 and XBOX 360, that means that you choose the files you want to make accessible from your PS3 and PS3 Media Server will act as an external HD.

You only have to install the program and choose the folders you want to make available from your video console. Then run it and start your video console to access and watch movies and photos and listen to the music strored in your PC. PS3 Media Server will broadcast your multimedia files and you won't need to download the file, just choose it on your PS3 and enjoy it. You'll watch it in streaming.

It is very easy to use, you only have to run it while the PlayStation 3 is on and it will detect it automatically. IT's plug and play, so you won't be in a mess while trying to watch your favorite videos from your PC.
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